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Edouard Artzner Block of Goose Foie Gras (75g)

Vintage: NIL
Country: France
Region: NIL
Size: NIL

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The Winery

With the advent of Bonaparte, there were two businesses making foie gras in Strasbourg. In 1803, a newcomer, Philippe-Edouard Artzner, a confectioner and caterer by trade, opened a shop adjoined by a foie gras manufacturing facility in the city center. There, he created tasty recipes and became a veritable setter of gastronomic trends. Around 1850 his son Edouard, who had taken up the reins of the business, became the first to cook foie gras in terracotta terrine dishes. Slowly cooked at a low temperature, the foie gras thus retained its qualities and its flavor.