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Corporate Wine Services

The Ponti Corporate Services team gathers a group of passionate wine professionals. Our mission is to enhance wine enjoyment for your staff members and business partners by providing premium quality product with tip-top service.

With Ponti Corporate Services, you can enjoy:

  1. Tailor-Made Wine Workshop
  2. Event Wine Pairing and Guided Tasting
  3. Gift Solutions
  4. High Volume Discount

For enquiry, please contact Direct Marketing at

Tel: (852) 2306-9172

Fax: (852) 2312-1391

Email: corpserv@pontiwinecellars.com

Be ready for smiling faces!

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Tailor- Made Wine Workshop

Relocate our lecture theatre to your very own conference room, learning wine has never been that easy and convenient. No matter what size of your group, from fundamentals like how to hold the glass to master class exploring vintage gems, Ponti lecturers are here to share this best kept secret and be ready for your questions.

Lecture Themes

For Beginners:

  1. How to read wine labels
  2. Introduction to wine grape varieties
  3. Major wine producing countries
  4. Food and wine matching

For Enthusiasts:

  1. Deep dive to Bordeaux
  2. Old World vs. New World
  3. Wine making traditions and new trends
  4. Blind tasting techniques

For Dedicated Collectors:

  1. Vintage Gems
  2. Bordeaux en primeur mechanism
  3. Discover the best of unrecognized
  4. Vertical tasting
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Event Wine Pairing & Guided Tasting

Run out of ideas in organizing a good treat for your important clients or fellow staff? Ponti is more than happy to create sparkles in your events. With the Ponti team to take care of wine matching and guided tasting, we can make your dinner the most enjoyable and create the best atmosphere for participants to communicate.

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